Archive Bios

Captain Seb Long

Seb grew up in the 80’s and after watching Topgun way too many times decided he was going to join the RAF after school back in the UK. Unfortunately Seb has asthma so that was a non starter for him. After a career in advertising, publishing and graphic design and most recently aviation ground handling he now finds himself as a student again.  You see the thing about Seb is… Seb is a little different from the rest of the group. Seb is a student helicopter pilot! And as most people know helicopters don’t want to fly… there is no such thing as a gliding helicopter, this brings me to the main reason why airline pilots and helicopter pilots differ.

Airline pilots are open, clear-eyed, buoyant extroverts, on the other hand helicopter pilots are brooding, introspective anticipators of trouble. They know if something bad has not happened, it’s about to.  Sebs first attempt at flying the 747 queen of the sky found him taking command from the right hand seat! Looking at the yoke not really sure what to do with it and scrabbling around trying to find a collective. He then pulled the throttles back to idol flared the nose and tried to hover the beast into a space no bigger then the R22’s he is normally flying. It didn’t work. I quote Seb as he climbed out of the cockpit “I just tried to hit the brakes and fly right by… I think I’ll go embarrass myself with Goose.”

Captain Andrew Roberts

Andrew developed a passion for Aviation from a very early age, with some of his earliest memories being aged 4-6, when his grandmother took him on regular visits to Heathrow to watch all the planes but especially the Concorde, which really fascinated him. Later, aged 12, his parents decided to emigrate to Perth and his first ever flight was on a Cathay Pacific Boeing 747-100 into the old Kai Tak airport. This was a time when children were commonly invited into the cockpit by the crew. At the wondrous sight of the 747 cockpit, Andrew was immediately hooked on the idea of becoming an airline pilot. While that dream never eventuated due to all the pathways closing, with his eyesight issues, his passion for aviation has never waned and he has worked on and off in aviation over the last 8 years in Ground Handling and Ground Operations roles. So the opportunity to be a part of the Worldflight 747 crew is almost like a dream come true for Andrew and he is very keen to make the most of it in his endeavor to learn how to fly the “Queen of the Skies” as realistically as possible.


Captain Jacob Roberts

Occupation: Aviation Student

Jacob is a student pilot, recently graduating from Kent Street Senior High School Aviation program, as well as a Diploma in Aeronautics (Airline Operations). In his first year of worldflight he aims to learn things he doesn’t know to broaden his aviation knowledge.


Captain Daniel Smith

Occupation:  Aviation Relationship Manager – Western Australia Airservices Australia

Daniel Smith has been working in aviation for the past 11 years. Starting as a ground handler at a regional airline he progressed to terminal management and then ground operations for the airline. Then Daniel gained employment at Perth Airport in the Airport control center and progressed to Duty Manager terminals.  Now Daniel works as the point of contact for industry in Western Australia for Airservices Australia.  Daniel has been active on VATSIM/VATPAC for the past 15 years.


Captain Callum Strawbridge

Occupation: Aviation Student

Callum recently completed a Diploma of Aeronautics and now works at Perth Airport. He has been involved in Worldflight for 3 years now and brings his experience as a Senior VATSIM Controller to the team.