Flight Crew


Captain Dean Ashworth

Age: 52

Occupation:  Train Driver

Dean has had an interest in aviation since childhood and got his restricted PPL whilst in the air-force doing a Radiotech apprenticeship. He flew the old Cheroke 140’s as well as the Tomahawk and started with flightsim on the Commodore 64, a totally different experience to what we have now, and it grew from there.  Dean currently flies the PMDG 737NGX on FSX exclusively.



Captain Darren Bathurst

Age: 42

Occupation: Self Employed Handyman

Although Darren won’t actually be flying with VOZ738 during Worldflight this year he will be flying both Joe Corrigan’s Clipper 811 & Matt Sheil’s Qantas 25.  Before then however Darren is heavily involved in our training and general simulator assistance for Perth’s crew imparting his flying knowledge along with his Worldflight knowledge. Darren has been involved in Worldflight for several years and was a significant contributor during training for Worldflight 2013.


Captain Jason Beringer

Age: 43

Occupation: Professor at University of Western Australia

Jason received his pilots licence flying in outback Queensland in 1987 and pilots single engine aircraft (Piper, Cessna, Cirrus) out of Jandakot.  He has been interested in flight simulation since FS1 on the Apple IIe.  Finally he got to start building his own B737 sim in 2006 and it is mostly complete.  He is a long time member of the Virtual  Air Traffic Simulation Network (VATSIM) and controls in VATPAC airspace as an enroute controller. He is also involved in scouts and enjoys anything outdoors.


Captain Ken Brand

Age: 53

Occupation: Broadcaster Supervisor

Ken has had a passion for flight since childhood and gained his private pilots license in 2005 and is endorsed on Cessna 152/172 and Mooney aircraft with about 200 hours in his logbook.  Ken began flight simming to assist his real world flight training and quickly got hooked on the hobby of home cockpit building and is now partner at Flight City Simulation Centre.  Ken was also a member of the flight crew for Worldflight Perth 2013.


Captain Kirk Christie

Age: 27

Occupation: Aviation Ground Support Equipment Technician

Kirk has been an active member of VATSIM since 2006, both as a pilot and ATC, Kirk has been able to pass on his VATSIM experience and assist with ATC training for our crew members.  Kirk has worked in the Aviation industry for over 4 years at Perth airport, and has about 1 hour worth of flying time behind the stick of a 172, among Flying and ATC Kirk enjoys traveling in his spare time.  Kirk was also a member of the flight crew for Worldflight Perth 2013.

Perth (283)

Captain Thomas Dellenbach

Age: 30

Occupation: Air Conditioning Technician

Thomas entered the world of flight simulation in 2005 and has been a member of Vatsim since 2007. He has had some real world flying experience in the Piper Tomahawk and Cessna 172SP. In the virtual world Thomas likes flying IFR in pre GPS era aircraft such as the DC9. Thomas joined Worldflight Perth in its maiden year 2013 and has been actively involved in building the B737-800 simulator that will be used in 2014.


Captain Greg Hateley

Occupation:  Chief Engineer 96FM

Greg is fairly new to flightsim but that hasn’t stopped him forging ahead with the building of his own 747-400 simulator.   Located in a spare room in his house Greg has built much of the hardware and electronics himself and utilizes the newly released Aerowinx PSX.  Greg was also a member of the flight crew for Worldflight Perth 2013.


Captain Joe Howell

Age: 25

Occupation: Fixed plant process operator

Joe has been flying light aircraft for 10 years gaining his commercial pilots license in 2013 and now has around 220 hours in his logbook.  He’s been an enthusiastic flight simmer since the days of Microsoft Flight Simulator 98.  Other than flying and flight simming, he enjoys miniature war gaming and modelling.  Joe was also a member of the flight crew for Worldflight Perth 2013.


Captain Gwyn Perrett

Host simulator owner for the 2014 event.

Age: 53

Occupation: Mechanical Engineer/Business owner

Gwyn is a longtime fan of aviation and flight simulation which lead to a 4 year stint in GA flying on a GFPT rating with endorsements on four types of light aircraft. In 2009, Gwyn established “Aerosim Solutions”, a registered business supplying replica aircraft parts to a worldwide client base of simulator builders. He owns a fixed base 737-800NG cockpit, a single seat generic fighter cockpit and a soon to be converted real Cessna 172 fuselage. He is also a long serving staff member and forum moderator at www.mycockpit.org which has grown to a 12,000 strong group of cockpit simulator builders.  Gwyn was also a member of the flight crew for Worldflight Perth 2013.


Captain Bill Smith

Bill has been a long time flight simulator enthusiast and undertook his own round the world flight in 2012.  The following video highlights his efforts.  Bill joins the Perth crew for this years event where he will bring his skills and knowledge to the Velocity 738 flightdeck.