The Boeing 737-800NG home cockpit is designed and built by Gwyn Perrett of Aerosim Solutions in Perth and represents the state of the art in simulation with the major structure and panels crafted by Gwyn using his hard earned engineering skills.  This is augmented by hardware avionics from Flight Deck Solutions and CP Flight and the main 737NG systems software and avionics from Prosim737.  The flight simulator platform is Lockheed Martin’s Prepar3D and flying the Prosim custom Jetstream 737 v2.0 aircraft model.

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The worlds fastest Aussie Rosco McGlashan visits Worldflight Perth

Rosco  Rosco7  Rosco5

Channel 7’s Today Tonight crew came to shoot for their show airing Monday 29th Sept. They were accompanied by West Australian Newspapers aviation Editor Geoffrey Thomas gathering a story for Saturdays spread.

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Full flight on Vatsim with all the toys operational

20140915_203742  20140915_203735  20140915_203849

Raising the roof and a projector replaces tiny monitors!

 projector2  projector3  projector1

The overhead takes shape both mechanically and electronically.

OH_2  OH_3  OH_1

Throttles and center pedestal come together.

Throttle_1  Pedestal_1  Pedestal_2

Overhead preliminary construction.

OH_3  OH_1  OH_2

MCP and Main Instrument Panel come to life

Nightlight_1  Night_2  Night_1

Backlighting and avionics installed.

Throttle_2  V738_1  V738_2

The flight crew wondering how the hell all this works!

V738_3  WFTrain_1  gwyn1

 Training and light refreshments

group3  group1  group2


Software used:

  • Lockheed Martin Prepar3D
  • Prosim 737 Avionics suite
  • Prosim Utilities
  • Prosim Jetstream 737 v2.0 Custom Flight Model
  • Aivlasoft Electronic Flight Bag
  • vPilot online ATC client
  • Professional Flight Planner X (PFPX)
  • Take-Off and Landing Performance Calculation Tool (TOPCAT)
  • Active Sky 2016 + AS Cloud Art
  • REX Essentials Plus
  • FS Real Time
  • Custom Throttle Motor Control Software from Thomas Dellenbach