Welcome to Worldflight Perth

Worldflight 2017 was the most successful year in its 17 year history with a grand world-wide total of $92,000AUD!  The Australian teams contributed a little over $30,000 of that with Perth holding their own at nearly $8,500.  Not bad for a bunch or enthusiasts doing what they love.  To keep the bar raising we’ve aimed for a target of $10,000 this year!  A big call but one which we feel sure we can achieve with your support. 

Worldflight Perth wishes to thank all contributors and supporters for their kind donations over the year and during the week of the event.  

Crew of Velocity 738

The crew of Velocity 738

L-R Josh, Ken, Gwyn, Thomas, Kirk, Jason, Giles, Luke, Bill

Worldflight Perth consists of two fixed based flight simulators, a 737-800 owned by Gwyn Perrett of Aerosim Solutions and a 747-400 owned by cockpit builder and enthusiast Greg Hateley.  Two separate crews man the simulators during the event in the first week of November each year.

Listen out for two callsigns from the Perth teams – “Velocity 738” (VOZ738) & “Giant 1471” (GTI1471)

Worldflight 2017 took us 35,038 nm over 49 legs in a westerly direction from Sydney, around the globe and back to Sydney.  Hundreds of online enthusiasts joined the 10 official crews flying 24/7 along with hundreds of online Air Traffic Controllers shunting us in and out of airports.

Although it was tons of fun the real heroes are of course the Royal Flying Doctor Service and as you know all the funds raised by the Australian crews goes to these real world flyers and the total raised for 2017 was $30,223.16 with the Perth team’s contribution $8,481.55. Not a bad achievement for our two simulators and 18 crew members.

WorldFlight is a virtual round the world flight for charity held in the first week of November each year.  Since its inception in 2000 Australian crews have raised over $200,000 for The Australian Royal Flying Doctor Service. These funds have been directed to specific projects at the RFDS including Fly Around Clinics, Avionics and Navigation Equipment for their Pilatus PC12 aircraft.

Each year more and more Fixed Based Simulators join in the round the world flight, each of them raising money for their own elected charity. Since WorldFlight started in 2000 we have had cockpit simulators from Ireland, Scotland, England, Germany, Austria, Canada and the USA accompany the Australian teams on the fundraising flights.

The flight is conducted in an online environment on the VATSIM network and is joined by several other full cockpit sims based in Australia and overseas. Virtual Air Traffic Services (ATC) is provided for the flights by VATSIM members around the world and also from the dedicated WorldFlight ATC centre located at Chipping Norton in Sydney Australia. The flights are conducted over a 7 day period flying 24 hours a day and is operated in real time as a regular airline would. One hour turnarounds are scheduled after each sector to allow for crew briefing and cockpit preparation for the next sector. During the seven days the crews visit 45 airports and cover some 40,000nm.